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Snapshots from the Orient (3)

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine RouteTateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a route l37-kilometer long, which connects Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture and Omachi in Nagano. The route is sometimes called the "Roof of Japan" and goes through the Tateyama mountain in the Japanese Alps, one of the three sacred mountains in the Land of Cherry Blossoms along with the Mt. Fuji and Mt.Haku. The road is extremely picturesque, with an elevation change of 2400 meters, depending on the section of the route. The main attraction is the impressive sight - a snowy corridor surrounded on both sides with a nearly 20-meter high walls of snow. This amazing part of the route makes a lasting impression and can be accessed from mid-April till late May by bus or on foot. It is advisable to bring some warm clothes, as the gorge is much colder compared to the regions which you will be coming from. The route was opened on June 1, 1971.
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In the end of March and the beginningof April cherry trees all over Japan burst into fluffy clouds of sakura blossom. Along with cherry trees blooming, everything turns into a pink panic. Streets are decorated with pink plastic flowers, women put on pinkish yukatas, the elderly swallow down pink omochi, and kids favor pink ice cream. Finally, something for adults - Sakura Sake Blue cocktail, pink wine, cherry blossom flavored snacks, sakura ebi and…pink huuuge penises!! What has a penis to do with sakura? Well, they both don't last very long? Or, it can get the pink eye during this pink epidemic? The hilarious Shinto Festival of the Steel Phallus is the time when penises of various size and structure blush with p

From year to year, the begining of the sakura season varies by a few days but this year we had a deviation larger than usual and the iconing blossom was gone before the procession of colorful penises set off in Kawasaki on April 7. However, the lack of the bloom did not stop the masses of ecchi pilgrims from joining the parade. According to Declan Hayes, the author of The Japanese Disease: Sex and Slaze in Modern Japan, Kanamara Matsuri is just one of more than 40 fertility festivals remaining in Japan and in the past there were thousands of them. The Japanese may be considered shy but not prudish. Unlike in the Biblical creation myths,  in Japanese mythology sexual union is emphasized as a primary means of creation. The sibling gods, Izanagi and Izanami, after the creation of the first island Onogoro  ("self-forming"), involved themselves in a 'discussion' on how their bodies were formed. The female - Izanami said: "My body in its thriving grows, but there is one part that does not grow together." Izanagi replied, "My body in its thriving also grows, but there is one part that grows in excess. Therefore, would it not seem proper that I should introduce the part of my body in excess into the part of your body that does not grow together, and so procreate territories?" Izanami said, "It would be well" (Kojiki 20; Nihongi 14).
In addition, Japan is a country where lava used to be considered a celestial orgasm. And Japan is one of the most volanic countries in the world - the mountains of the Land of the Rising Sun contain 10 percent of the world's most active volcanoes.

0101Kanamara Matsuri is annually being attended by Japanese worshippers who wish to procreate, transvestite community and curious Westerners. Everybody, while strolling in the streets surrounding the Kanayama shrine, is licking man-chin lollipops in the phallo-vulvar shape. Those who wish to improve their fertility can enjoy a wide selection of sex toys or wooden dildos for sale. My favorite ‘pink pound’ gadget was the eternal phallus in a pet bottle. I believe it was an organ preserved in formalin, therefore immortal! Mazel tov to the everlasting 'national flower' of lifePhallus in a bottlePhallus in a bottle!

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