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On the last day of April and the first day of May, a Polish festival was held in the port city of Takaoka in Toyama prefecture. Previously similar events promoting Poland took place in Tokyo, however; this year, due to the tightening relationship between Poland and the Takaoka city government along with the local chamber of commerce, the festival was moved to the other end of the Honshu island. Toyama, owing to the abundant hydroelectric resources, is the leading industrial prefecture located on the Japan Sea coast. "So far, the economic and cultural exchange between Poland and Japan has been conducted mainly at the level of capital cities of the two countries but since 2010 we have been leading efforts to expand the cooperation to other remote regions, thus the idea of Takaoka as this year's festival venue" - revealed Mr. Piotr Suszycki, the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the main coordinator of the festival. On September 26, 2012 the first ‘Polish House’ in Japan, a facility aimed at enhancing the Polish-Japanese cooperation in the economic, cultural and tourism exchange, was inaugurated by the Polish Ambassador Mr. Cyryl Kozaczewski. Another existing Polish House was launched on March 17 this year in Urasoe city of Okinawa.The festival was partly funded by the Polish Trade & Investment Promotion Department, operating under the aegis of the Polish Embassy in Japan, whose staff prepared a wide range of information and promotional materials and ran stalls with traditional ceramic pots…
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