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Polish singer in NHK Nodojiman tonight!

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Extremely talented 20 – year old Polish woman, Julia „Aralka” Bernard, will appear tonight on Japanese television in the NTV Nodo Jiman the World. Nodo Jiman ("Proud of my voice") features people from around the world who have one thing in common – they can all sing in Japanese like natives. According to the producers – best in world.

In the newest edition, "Song For Japan, Nodojiman The World 2014 Spring", Julia „Aralka” Bernard will compete with participants from 19 countries. Bernard is the only Polish singer, who has ever qualified for this one of the longest running Japanese TV programs. The first competition was held on the radio in 1946, just after the end of World War II. It has been featured in two Japanese movies.

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  • atzsea

    you are wrong. NHK Nodo Jiman (NHK のど自慢, NHK のど じまん) is for japanese amature singers.
    Nodojiman The World is NTV, not NHK.

    atzsea Comment Link

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