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Sayonara Genpatsu - goodbye nuclear power plants

Sayonara Genpatsu - goodbye nuclear power plants

Tens of thousands of Japanese protesters under the banner of "NO NUKE " (No to nuclear technology ) took to the streets of Tokyo o...

Culture and Art

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The prospects for the New Year 2016 appear bright, perhaps even blazing bright at times. 2016 is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, ...

History and Politics

China: the ugly duckling or a smart owl of Asian politi…

If I were to describe the Asian security order just in a few words, I would apply a modified version of the renowned "Flying Geese" (FG) paradigm, which was developed by Japanese scholars1 to explain the economic growth and regional agglomeration in East and Southeast Asia (Ozawa, 2009). The Flying Geese model employed in the aspect of security would differ from its economic prototype in a way that the geese would be accompanied by a hawk, flying above to protect them (mainly from themselves). As the wind of history twisted the wings of the leading goose, she rotated back and another goose, too weak to lead alone, took her position with the support of the hawk. Now when the goose – hawk tandem became exhausted, the former leading goose is back, stronger than ever after the period of recovery. The same wind broke the wings of another goose, and now she can only continue flying with the group owing to the (nuclear) chain in which her legs are tied up...

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Sawanoi Brewery

Sawanoi Brewery

Sawanoi - a sake brewery and a scenic spot on the outskirts of Tokyo by the Tama river. Read more

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Kanamara Matsuri - cherish to love!

Kanamara Matsuri - cherish to love!

In the end of March and the beginningof April cherry trees all over Japan burst into fluffy clouds of sakura blossom. Along with cherry trees blooming, everything turns into a pink panic. Streets are decorated with pink plastic flowers, women put on pinkish yukatas, the elderly swallow down pink omochi, and kids favor pink ice cream. Finally, something for adults - Sakura Sake Blue cocktail, pink wine, cherry blossom flavored snacks, sakura ebi and…pink huuuge penises!! What has a penis to do with sakura? Well, they both don't last very long? Or, it can get the pink eye during this pink epidemic? The hilarious Shinto Festival of the Steel Phallus is the time when penises of various size and structure blush with p

From year to year, the begining of the sakura season varies by a few days but this year we had a deviation larger than usual and the iconing blossom was gone before the procession of colorful penises set off in Kawasaki on April 7. However, the lack of the bloom did not stop the masses of ecchi pilgrims from joining the parade. According to Declan Hayes, the author of The Japanese Disease: Sex and Slaze... Read more

At the end of the world in Tokyo

At the end of the world in Tokyo

The English version of this article will be published soon. Please stay in touch with us.

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